Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Survival of the cutest

So I'm supposed to be studying, washing last night's dishes, working out how to balance my credit card so we're not living fortnight-to-fortnight on the one wage and any number of other productive and important things...

Instead, I'm sitting here typing one-handed because Elijah is asleep in my arms (in fact, he's been there long enough that I've lost all feeling in my left arm from the elbow down) and I can't bring myself to put him down because what if I wake him?

How man ever made it out of the caves, I'll never know.

"Sorry Lurr, can't hunt mammoth today. Ugh asleep in arms, not want to wake him. Hunt for clan tomorrow. Promise."



anastasia_wolf said...

ROFL OMG I can soooo relate. jake can too ;). It does get better though, I promise ;). Well, and then it gets worse, but then it gets better again, etc etc. ;)

Maybe check out an osteopath or a chiro if he is really unsettled all the time, forceps can make things uncomfy for them. A few people I know swear by it for unsettled bubs (and theirs were born by vacuum or forceps).

smp said...

He had one osteo appointment last week and he's got another one on Thursday. It seems to have made a difference but he still has funny days (today being one of them).

Apparently Elijah's head was still quite compressed from the forceps. It will be interesting to see what the verdict is after his next appointment.