Friday, July 07, 2006

A baby's right to feed

Why is it that some people think it's inappropriate for children and teenagers to witness a woman breastfeeding her baby? Is it because they are secretly uncomfortable with seeing it themselves? Or perhaps these women (because it's only ever women that would dare to comment; a man would just avert his eyes if he was uncomfortable) did not have a successful breastfeeding experience themselves, and so observing a mother and child that have this bond just feeds their insecurities?

Whatever the reasoning, it is inappropriate to lecture a woman while she is breastfeeding about her breastfeeding. It causes stress to both the woman and her child, not to mention undermines the baby's need for nourishment.

A breast, when being used to feed a child is not a sexual object. Breastfeeding is not gross, lewd or sexual. And anyone who thinks otherwise has a seriously skewed notion of body image and function.


anastasia_wolf said...

Did this happen to you? GRRRR! I've never had that happen thankfully, I think I'd go ballistic... gawd, what is their problem? ARGH! *hugs*

The Mumma said...

Yes, it really happened. I was more shocked than anything. I defended myself, but I don't think that it made much difference to that person's opinion.

anastasia_wolf said...

Was it someone you knew or a random stranger? Yeah you can't just change people's opinions on it in one encounter, they have to have serious deep-seated issues in the first place... *hugs* you know you are doing an awesome job Mumma!

The Mumma said...

It was someone I knew and certainly didn't expect to react that way. They certainly didn't have problems with other people breastfeeding. Very odd.