Friday, July 28, 2006


Chugalugs is Daddy's nickname for Elijah when he's spewy. Hopefully he won't have to use it too much anymore.

After going to yet another weigh-in, the MACH nurses freaked out because Elijah had lost 10g. So we were referred to the GP. The GP agreed with me that it's not a supply issue, but an inability to keep anything down that is making Elijah slow to gain weight. So since then we've been using Gaviscon to thicken his feeds so that it is harder for him to spit it back up.

It was an incredible fight at first - it took both of us to get the stuff into him as Elijah was pushing the syringe out with his tongue and his hands and was spitting out and spitting up the Gaviscon, but now I've managed to do it on my own and Elijah is reluctantly sucking it down.

Silly me didn't realise though, that thickening what's in his stomach would change the consistency of what comes out the other end. Not pretty.

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