Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Somehow, Elijah has managed to only put on 17g over the past two weeks. This is a drastic reduction in his weight gain and gives me some cause for concern. Is he not getting enough to eat? Is he spewing so much that it negates the amount he does eat? He feeds for a good 40-50 minutes every feed and the clinic nurses seemed to think that his feeding pattern is fine.

What has caused this plateau? Who knows. We've been given an appointment next week to review his progress. In the meantime, I've been told to slow down another gear in the hope it might boost my supply a little more. Slow down? I already do next to no housework and spend a vast amount of time on the net when I'm not feeding, changing or playing with the boy. If I slow down any more, I might as well be comatose!

Edited on 12 July to add:
Elijah's current weight of 4.8kg is at the 1st percentile on the new WHO charts. Hmmmm.


anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* OK, first thing you need to do is NOT worry! He's still happy, developmentally progressing and all yes?

If you're worried about supply, is he feeding at all overnight? The hormones for milk production work best overnight (I think around 2amish) so feeding then can boost supply... there are also other things you can take to boost supply, but they may cause oversupply if it's not really an issue.

I don't really have any experience in this area, but I have enough friends who have and it's been *nothing*, just a normal breastfed baby plateau then they start gaining again. And let's face it, neither you or Shane are heifers so Elijah is not genetically inclined towards chubbiness ;).

The Mumma said...

No, he's sleeping through. His last feed is around 9-10 depending on when he's fed through the day and he usually wakes between 7 and 8 (though this morning he woke at 6:30 and then went back to sleep after feeding so I'm waiting for him to wake up again for his next feed).

I'm just a little concerned because he's now down to the 10th percentile on the old charts (I can't find the new ones again) when he was floating somewhere below the 50th previously. I'm hoping it's just a normal plateau, but it might at least explain why he's been so stroppy lately.

The Mumma said...

OK, further freak out. I found the new chart, and for a 13 week old baby, 4.8kg is the 1st percentile!!!