Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 10

Touring and Census night on the Ferry

We were able to get away from the B&B much earlier than we had left most of the other places we stayed at because we'd organised as much as we could the night before. Plus, we'd packed up so many times now, that it was starting to become a well-oiled machine. Elijah seemed a little happier as well, so it wasn't quite so draining.

Having no plans at all, we drove back to Sheffield to check out more of the murals. We stopped just outside the town at a lookout for Mt Roland. This mountain featured heavily in many of the murals. It's quite a striking part of the landscape.

We spoke to the fellow in the Tourist Information Centre, who warned us that the fifth time we visit Tasmania, we'd be bringing our furniture. Having seen so much of the island, I can understand why! The sign outside showed the distance in miles to many places that at first, I thought were made up. Nope, turns out that Paradise, Promised Land and the others are real places!

After feeding Elijah in the car park, we did most of the mural walk.Many of the major buildings in town have murals on their exterior walls depicting historical events of Sheffield. Some are quite striking and the stories behind them very interesting. I hadn't realised that local school students had done mini murals on the bins! Very cute.

We decided to go to Tasmazia at Promised Land. The Daddy was very keen to have pancakes for lunch and apparantly these are famous in the area. We shared a short stack, which hit the spot nicely. We wanted to explore the mazes, but admission was more than expected and we were almost out of money, being our last day in Tasmania. Elijah had his nappy changed on a picnic table and didn't complain at all. He was too busy basking in the warm sun!

Lake Barrington was very close by, so we had a quick look at the rowing course, then continued south around the lake and into the mountains. The landscape was pretty spectacular. We wanted to go to Cradle Mountain, but when we got to the junction at Moina, we realised that we would run out of petrol, so instead, we turned north and followed the letterbox trail to Forth and then to Devonport for an early dinner and the ferry.

After last time, we thought we should be better prepared with less luggage and less fussing about in the garage on the ferry. So we'd already organised most things at the B&B and only had to repack Elijah's bag with clean nappies. Apart from another ridiculously long wait in line, we got onto the ferry much quicker this time.

It was census night - Elijah's first census! - and so we went to the reading room to collect and fill out our forms, but just as the Daddy collected them, Elijah burped and the movement caused more movement, in the form of an explosive poo that went through the nappy, out the cover, through his onesie and his pants and giving me a damp hand, where I was holding him! So it was back to the cabin, where, apart from the Daddy taking back the census form, we stayed for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn't a good night's sleep. Elijah was quite unsettled, constantly waking me up and part way through the night, became inconsolable. I tried to calm him by placing him on my chest, but he got even more worked up and threw up on me, or so I thought. With the lights on, I could see it was mucous. The poor thing had a cold. He was obviously struggling to breathe properly and didn't like how the whole thing felt. Both of us tried to settle him down, but to no avail. In desperation, I fed him to sleep, which worked and we got a couple of hours rest.

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