Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 11

The Home Stretch

Getting off the ferry was so much quicker this time! I got up first, before the wake up call, showered and dressed and then fed Elijah one side. Luckily he seemed to be satisfied with that. While I fed and then changed Elijah, his Daddy showered, got dressed and packed the bags ready to go.

Just as well we were ready much earlier, as our call to go to the car was much earlier as well, being that we were parked on a different deck. We got to the car in plenty of time and then had a very long wait before being able to drive off the ferry. At least during this time, I was able to plan a route to get out of Melbourne without ending up on a toll road.

We decided not to stop until we found a McDonalds outside of Melbourne where we could have breakfast. We drove on and on and still no sign of one. We were starving! We ended up puilling of at a roadhouse where we bought bacon and egg sandwiches and coffee to eat, changed Elijah's nappy and gave him a feed. For some reason, people walking past our car kept smiling at me while I was breastfeeding.

On the road again, but not for long as I had the urge to knit. So we stopped to get the knitting out of the car and took off again. I knitted for a solid two hours as Elijah slept and his Daddy drove to Albury.

We found the Albury Centro and the parents room, changed Elijah's nappy and gave him another feed as his Daddy went to find a bakery for lunch, then on the road again, this time with me driving until Holbrook. We stopped there for a nappy change and to look at the huge submarine they have in the middle of town.

Elijah and Mummy atop the Holbrook submarine

Daddy climbing out of the submarine

I was still exhausted, so we swapped drivers again so I could nap and continued to the Dog on the Tuckerbox, where we fed Elijah, then swapped back. I drove the rest of the way home. We arrived at about 6:40pm without Elijah getting stroppy and sick of the car!

Actually, Elijah was so very placid on this day, almost unusually so. Did he realise we were on the home stretch or was he just happy to be able to sleep through his illness? Maybe we'll never know.

So there ended the big adventure! Elijah did so well for a little bubby used to his routines. And after we got back, it only took him four days to get back into sleeping in his bassinette during the day and sleeping right through at night. We are so lucky to have him.

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