Sunday, August 13, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 2

Melbourne and overnight ferry ride

We were able to leave our car at Quest for the whole day, without incurring another fee, which was excellent! We ate breakfast at Fabric, opposite reception and Elijah sat in the wrap with his Mumma and was very well behaved. We got a few looks from interested patrons of the cafe.

We decided to walk into the city to shop for a wedding present and do a bit of sightseeing. Firstly, the wind was freezing - much colder than expected - and then both of us managed to lose our sense of direction so we were a little lost for a while. What should have taken about 20 minutes took over an hour! Apart from not liking the cold much, Elijah was quite happy, probably because he was being carried and there was no sign of the car!

We caught the city circle tram and managed not only to change Elijah's nappy on Daddy's lap on the crowded tram, but to breastfeed him as well! We did the whole circuit with the change and breastfeed. It turned out to be the best place in Melbourne to feed him, as it was warm, out of the wind and threatening rain, and gave us constantly changing scenery to look at.

Elijah and Daddy on the tram

We found a wedding present in the most enormous Myer store we've ever seen, then wandered a little more, changed some more nappies (in baby change stations) and fed Elijah again on the tram. We got some comments and some interesting looks, but happily, nobody seemed to be offended that it was happening. Hooray for acceptance of public breastfeeding! I would have like to have had more time (and money!) to spend in Melbourne because I don't think I really appreciated how good the shopping is from the little I saw.

Then it was time to head to the ferry. We drove the car onto the Spirit of Tasmania after a ridiculously long wait in a queue of cars (in which I fed Elijah again). I was half petrified and half exhilarated as I'd never been on a boat before, other than a small one that cruised around the Vanuatu coastline on our honeymoon. Being out at sea was totally different.

We didn't bank on having practically no room to get our gear out of the car and ended up deciding to leave Elijah's bassinette. The Daddy had to get a suitcase out of the car through the window as we couldn't open the back door wide enough! We spent way too long reorganising our stuff so we wouldn't have to take all our luggage on board and managed to have the zip on the dirty nappy section of Elijah's bag bust. Darn. Also, we didn't realise that in having Elijah's door open to get things out of the car, that we had prevented the girl in the car next to us from getting out. She could have asked us to let her out, but she just sat there, getting more and more steamed.

Eventually we found our cabin, had some overpriced buffet dinner and got ready for bed. We had been provided with a portacot and put Elijah in it, but as soon as the boat passed the headland and the trip got noticably rougher, the crying began. I don't blame him: it caused my stomach to turn a little too.

So the portacot was rendered useless as Elijah slept with me instead. This seemed to work much better as he could calm himself to my heartbeat. Surprisingly, all three of us actually got quite a lot of sleep.

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