Sunday, August 13, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 3

Devonport (Ferry) to Hobart

There was a wake up call on the ferry, but we knew we'd have to get up earlier than that to feed Elijah and get ourselves showered, dressed and packed. It was all a bit of a rush and just before we got the call to go to the car, Elijah pooed! A frantic nappy change ensued as we didn't want to be the ones to prevent the cars leaving the ferry. By the time we got to the car, we were barely able to pack everything back in, put Elijah in his seat, get in ourselves and breathe before driving off!

We headed to McDonalds for breakfast and a breastfeed and then we were on the road to Hobart.

We bypassed Launceston (which I've learnt is pronounced LONceston, not LAWNceston) and stopped at Perth for a breastfeed and nappy change. Yes, there is a Perth in Tasmania and it's very pretty too. We drove down a random side street and ended up at this gorgeous nature reserve. What a beautiful, calm place to feed!

Elijah had his nappy changed on the bonnet of the car because his Daddy decided it would be easier on his back than changing him on the front passenger seat (which is what we did on Day 1 & 2 when there was no baby change station or picnic table around). It turned out that this was much easier as there was more room for the cream, nappy bag and other paraphenalia on the bonnet. It wasn't much easier on his back, though.

The drive from then on was pretty uneventful. We went through a lot of small towns with funny names like Bagdad and found Blue Hills at Battery Point in Hobart without getting lost, thanks to the Tassie map we bought on the ferry.

After a nappy change and feed we wandered around Battery Point and down to Salamanca square with Elijah in the wrap. We didn't know it when booking, but we were in an historic part of Hobart.

As we were in a serviced apartment, we did a bit of grocery shopping so we would save money by not eating out. We settled in for the night.

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Brooke208 said...

That picture of Elijah's nappy being changed on the hood of the car is SO adorable! He is getting big and his facial expressions are priceless! I must say, he looks so much like his daddy :)