Monday, August 14, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 5

This was the day that we were most looking forward to. As chocaholics, the Cadbury Factory tour was a dream come true. The aroma of chocolate filled the air throughout the factory, there were free samples for all three of us, even though Elijah can't have any yet and there was an opportunity to get really cheap factory seconds chocolate there too. Plus the tour was actually really interesting. We got to see all the machines that are used in the manufacturing process actually manufacturing products and it was amazing to see how fast it all happens, except for the beating of the liquid chocolate, which takes many hours.

We all (Elijah included) had to wear special hats or hair nets on the tour and any men with facial hair had to wear a snood from their nose to under their chin: a really attractive look. I pity the parents on the tour with their seven (yes, that's not a typo) children in tow, including several preschoolers who were not particularly fond of keeping their hats on. To the credit of the tour guide, she convinced the most persistant hat holders to be hat wearers for the tour without resorting to bribes of chocolate! Actually, the children were really quite well behaved and interestingly, the youngest, a baby probably a month or so younger than ours, was also named Elijah! Both babies fell asleep on the tour. We weren't allowed cameras inside the factory, so these were taken outside afterwards.

We went back to the hotel for lunch then across the Tasman Bridge to Bellerive Oval. I love my cricket, and Bellerive Oval was one of the few sites that I knew about in Hobart. We didn't know, however, that at the oval was a cricket museum. It was supposed to be open, but when we went up there, we saw it was closed. I decided to ask why at reception and discovered it was because the lady who runs it was sick. The receptionist decided though, that we didn't look like the types to trash the place (!) and unlocked it for us. We had the whole museum to ourselves! There was a lot of stuff on Boony and Ponting as you can imagine, what with the two of them being Tasmanian cricketers that played for Australia, but the highlight for the Daddy, was seeing the famous Aluminium bat used by Dennis Lillee. Of course, I had to call my mother, a total cricket tragic, to tell her where we were!

Bellerive Oval, by the way, had the best baby change facilities we saw on the entire trip. It was in the very clean disabled toilet and the pull-down station had a nice big comfy change pad, raised sides for safety, and the best bit, tissues and baby wipes! Not that we needed them, but it was nice to know that they were there in case of emergency. What luxury!

We hadn't planned anything after Bellerive, but as it was still early, I suggested we go look at an historical site close by that was marked on our map. It turned out to be the Kangaroo Bluff Battery, which was part of three Batteries built to protect Hobart from invasion by sea or privateers. Funnily enough, though there were grave concerns about the safety of the harbour, the cannons were never fired in anger or defence. Elijah was asleep for pretty much the whole time we were at the Battery. Obviously not a history buff.

As we headed back to the hotel, I saw a sign for a lookout, which turned out to be Rosny Hill. We decided to take it in turns looking around so that we didn't disturb Elijah's sleep again by getting him out of the car. The photo of the cloud-shrouded mountain was taken from the Rosny Hill lookout.

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