Monday, August 14, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 7

We discovered that the hotel had a free laundry, so the Daddy put on a load of nappies and a load of Elijah's clothes and stayed down there with his textbooks while I walked down to the Devonport Mall to get a few things I needed.

Getting ready to go to the wedding would have gone smoothly, had Elijah not been very spewy and chucked on three separate changes of clothing while we were dressing him. Just as well we were organised otherwise. If the chuck hadn't smelled so terrible we probably wouldn't have bothered changing him, but we figured he shouldn't smell bad right from the start of the function. We made sure we had plenty of bibs!

Elijah sucked on his Daddy's finger for most of the service. It kept him quiet! By the end, he had fallen asleep on his Daddy's shoulder.

Everyone kept commenting on how well behaved he was, but we knew that something wasn't quite right, for he was more chucky than usual and fairly stroppy at the reception. In fact, for much of the time, Daddy was pacing around the restaurant with Elijah. This was the start of the unsettled four days we had with him.

The nice thing about breastfeeding at the reception is that there were comfy chairs and I wasn't ever left alone for too long, as one of the Canberra people we knew would come and chat with me while Elijah fed. I had made a stretch velvet breastfeeding dress from my own pattern just prior to the trip and I am pleased to say that it was functional and flattering. I got many comments about it and all were positive.

The only photo we have of our whole little family!

We didn't stay for the bouquet throwing and the farewell circle, as it was getting late and Elijah was increasingly stroppy, however the wedding was absolutely lovely and I am so glad that we decided to go. It was the excuse for the whole trip, but even if we hadn't done the touring, it would have been worth the effort to travel just for that day. It's wonderful to see two people so happy together.

This was the only time on the whole trip that we used the pram and the only reason it was worth taking it was so we could put Elijah down for a sleep during the reception. However, we were both totally paranoid that we wouldn't be able to hear him if he woke up and was crying because of the loud music, so we must have checked on him every five minutes while he was asleep!

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