Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 8

Devonport to Penguin then Shearwater

Because Elijah had been so chucky and unsettled, we had asked reception when we got back to the hotel the night before if we could have an extra hour to check out, considering we had to do another load of washing of his stuff and one of us had to be holding him at all times, which slowed us down considerably. They were so accomodating and the woman on reception that morning was very concerned when I said that Elijah was sick. They even said that if we had vacated the room, we could still hang around and use the facilities (including the free laundry) for as long as we needed. We were treated so well that I'd highly recommend the Gateway to anyone who stays in Devonport.

After fussing around, unsuccessfully trying to find our map, we got on the road around 11:15am or so. We headed west for Penguin. About ten minutes down the highway, I remember I'd put the map and stuff from the wedding in a bag with the Calmarap. I asked the Daddy if he remembered packing the wrap in the car. He definitely didn't pack it. I panicked because I realised we must have left it behind. We pulled over and frantically called the hotel and described the bag and its contents in the hope it had been handed in. It hadn't. More panic. They said they'd check the room and call back so we waited. I was so grateful when the receptionist said she'd found it in the room!

So we backtracked to the hotel to pick it up and FINALLY got on the road to Penguin around midday! Penguin is famous for its many Penguins around the town. There are penguins on bins, penguins outside shops and penguin statues. As it was a Sunday, I was really interested in seeing the Penguin Markets. The best thing about the markets were the fresh donuts we bought for lunch! Yum! There were some great looking stalls, but most of the stuff on sale was the same kind of stuff you'd see at any markets. The only standout stall had Penguin paraphenalia!

On our way back east, we took the scenic route along the coastline and through Ulverstone. There is a rail line even closer to the coast than the road. I'm not sure if it's for passengers or freight (or both) but it would be the most incredible view from the train!

Ulverstone's main talking point is its very usual town clock.

We continued east to Shearwater, which is just outside Port Sorell. Since it had been a pretty big weekend, we decided against doing any other touring and simply checked in and chilled out. We stayed at the Castagni B&B, which offered us a three course home cooked meal for a very reasonable price, and the most comfortable bed we'd slept in the entire trip! The owners were lovely as well.

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