Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Day 9

On the ferry, I had picked up a brochure that advertised three attractions: A chocolate factory, cheese factory and raspberry farm, all within 38km of eachother. Today was the day to visit all three!

First stop was Anvers Chocolate Factory at Latrobe. We went in, then realised that Elijah was hungry, so retreated to the carpark to breastfeed. On take two, we saw that the factory had a glass panel so that you could walk around the corridor and see the chocolate being made without having to wear hats as we did in the Cadbury Factory. They had free tastings and the shop sold factory seconds as well as the full retail product. We bought a whole kilogram of factory second orange chocolate fudge. Delicious! We would have loved to have bought more, but we contained ourselves.

We stopped for lunch at etc (Elizabeth Town Bakery Cafe), which was a good choice, as the food was excellent and the baby change facility was clean. We'd passed it on the highway a couple of times and thought it looked nice. It was! Elijah got a lot of attention here from staff and other customers for various reasons: his hair, the wrap, his general cuteness. One fellow about our parents' age stopped us to chat about the Bugalugs as we were leaving. We talked for about ten minutes!

Next was Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. When we got close to it on the way to Hobart, we could smell the strong scent of raspberry in the air, so there was no way after that mouth watering experience that I would have missed going there for the free tastings! They had not only jam, but raspberry vinegar, wine, sauce, syrup and dust among other products. Elijah was introduced to the ducks in the lake on the farm and tried very hard to see the Platypus that lives there, but to no avail. We bought a small jar of raspberry jam as a momento. Yes, Elijah and I are in the photo, standing next to the tree. We can't help it if we are little!

There were more tastings at the Ashgrove Cheese Factory. There was so much cheese to choose from and some of it was quite exotic (Wasabi cheese, anyone?). We ended up getting some smoked cheddar. The factory had a video presentation about how everything works, but we didn't bother with that, just looked through the viewing windows and read the information on the posters instead. Elijah was looking around with great interest.

We still had enough time to do one more thing so we drove to Sheffield, as recommended by the B&B owners. We were too late getting there to go into the Tourist Information Centre, as it was closed, but we had a look around Mural Park, where they feature the entrants of the National MuralFest competition. Here are two of the beautiful entries. There are many other murals around Sheffield, but we decided to come back the next day to have a really good look at them. So we headed back to the B&B, where we were surprised to find the owners have gone out! It felt like we were gatecrashing somebody's house.

After all the taste testing we did, it was very difficult to get through dinner, even though it was incredibly delicious. We were so full! The Daddy almost made himself sick from eating too much. Elijah was terribly unsettled as well, crying and screaming and needing to be constantly held while pacing or fed for us to get any kind of peace. It took four feeds after we got back to settle him and put him to bed, where it would ordinarily have only been two in that space of time. Consequently, I was still eating dinner at 9pm! This was the third consecutive day of extremely unsettled behaviour and we were starting to worry.

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