Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Room of His Own

Elijah is now sleeping in his own room. I think it's harder for me than it is for him! We moved him three nights ago because he's almost too big for his bassinette now and the cot doesn't fit in our room. We figured it was best to ease into sleeping in the cot. We're just guessing about this, as we've not read anything that suggests ways to do it. At the moment, he's sleeping in the bassinette inside the cot with a swaddle or blanket over the top to stop him looking around and getting overstimulated. Next week we have to try and get him to sleep there without the swaddle over the bassinette, then a week later, all going well, he'll move into the actual cot. I hope this works.

On his first night in the other room, he was pretty confused and didn't sleep through (ended up in our room in our bed!) but since then he's coped quite well. I suppose he did sleep in many different places in the bassinette in Tassie, so it' s not too big an adjustment. But the trick will be to get him through the next stage, as he's so used to having that extra cue of the swaddle to help im sleep. But unfortunately, you can't block out the outside world with a swaddle when a baby's in their cot.

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Brooke208 said...

We're working on putting Gavyn in his room soon. He's too big for his bassinette so we bought a Graco Pack N' Play. He adjusted to that just fine. Hopefully he'll adjust to his crib as well, because we can't fit his crib in our room either, and he can't sleep in a Pack N' Play forever!