Saturday, August 19, 2006

When not even a boob makes it better

Elijah had his four month immunisations yesterday. I wasn't concerned as last time, he'd just slept all day. But this time was different. He was not a happy camper and was very uncomfortable. They'd pulled his nappy up to jab him, so with the nappy on, it was pressing on the sore spots, so he had some nappy free time on the loungeroom floor with the sun coming in through the window in the afternoon and then again in the evening in front of the heater, so he didn't freeze.

But the poor thing ended up with a fever as well, and was extremely unsettled, to the point where he wouldn't even suck on his hand for comfort or feed properly. He'd feed for five to ten seconds and then let go of the boob to scream. Poor thing. This was where it was hard for me, because usually if nothing else has worked, then at least I know a boob will make it all better. Not this time. He was stripped down to just his nappy at one point and just his underwear for most of the evening, but was still bright red and inconsolable.

Finally, about a half an hour after we managed to get some Baby Panadol into him for the second time that day, he crashed out on his Daddy's chest, totally exhausted. We managed to get his socks and coverall mostly onto him without waking him up, but as we rolled him onto his back to put his arm in and do the snaps up, he woke.

I was prepared for more screaming, but it suddenly became apparent that the fever had broken. We had a smiling boy again! He was able to have a good feed before being put down for the night. Even though he was still tired, he wanted to play because he felt so much better! We felt better too.


Brooke208 said...

Awww, poor Elijah :( Gavyn got a fever for two and a half days after his two month shots. He was so miserable! I'm not looking forward to next month!

The Mumma said...

We've just been told that the four month injections get a much worse reaction than the two month ones, but the six month ones are better. Hope Gavyn copes with his next lot.