Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cots are for sleeping!

At least cots are supposed to be for sleeping. Elijah seems to think cots are for playing. He'll be showing all his tired signs, practically fall asleep on the way to the cot, then as soon as he's down, grin and giggle and wave his arms about. Consequently, we have an overtired Bugalugs and a stressed Mummy.

He also thinks cots are for practising his gross motor skills, pushing with his feet to get out from under the covers and end up at the other end of the cot. This is day 3 of being in the cot and we haven't had a successful nap or overnight sleep yet.


anastasia_wolf said...

ROFL Most people I know use cots for toy storage. That's one excellent thing about co-sleeping, they can't use anything to push up ;).

The Mumma said...

Yeah, but proper co-sleeping only worked for us when Elijah's bedtime was the same time as ours (i.e. after 10pm). He won't go to sleep there without us. We don't mind having him in the bed, but he is usually only there now for the very occasional overnight feed, staying there until morning.