Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A crazy day (in a good way)

We held our first nappycino here today over lunch. For those who don't know, a nappycino is a gathering of people to chat over coffee or whatever, with a strong bent towards Modern Cloth Nappies. We were also discussing babywearing today as I had invited Kate from Wild Slings and was buying a ring sling from her, especially for Elijah's upcoming Christening. It was all pretty informal and there was a lot of great food and great conversation.

However, with eight adults, six toddlers and a baby in the house, it was kind of crazy and I realised that our house is so not toddler friendly, despite the efforts I'd made to get it tidy. But it was a lot of fun. I think Elijah could sense that there was something going on as he got no sleep at all in the morning, but didn't seem to be too tired despite that.

Once everyone had left, though, he totally crashed out. What a big day for a little Bugalugs!


Kate said...

Thanks Helen and Elijah for having us, it was great to catch up with so many people I knew in real life or online :) Glad to hear that Elijah was comfy enough in the sling to have a snooze.

anastasia_wolf said...

HAHAHA So funny on the toddler friendly thing. I remember when Kira was a bub, having friends with toddlers over and them running around frantically... and now, visiting people with babies and doing the running around myself ;). Sharp learning curve when they start to really get a move on!

The Mumma said...

It was all good though, as nothing was broken. We just had lots of CDs to put back in alphabetical order last night. LOL

I guess one's house is up to the stage where your children are at (as Carol said yesterday).