Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A poo incident

Yesterday I shouldn't have been on the computer but I just wanted to check a few things before finishing packing the nappy bag to take Elijah out to pick up Daddy and go to our Christening prep.

I should have known better than to use precious time doing something that could have waited for later.

Because right at that moment, Elijah pooed... which wouldn't have been a problem, except it was one of the explosive ones... which came out of the leg hole of both his nappy and cover (he wasn't wearing pants because it was too hot), all over my jeans and onto the computer chair!

Aaaargh! (Elijah thought it an appropriate time to scream as well.)

So then, not only did Bugalugs need a full change (clothes and nappy), I needed to change my whole outfit PLUS clean the chair before we left, as I figured leaving poo on it for too long would be a bad idea. Of course I had no idea how to get poo off an office chair, so I mopped up as much as I could with the chuck cloth I had and posted a question on the Nappycino forum asking for emergency advice.

Thank God for the internet is all I can say. A prompt reply ensured the mess cleaned up with some wool wash and a bit of elbow grease and we were out of the door about 20 minutes after I was intending to leave. Not bad for the amount of things we had to do!

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QuillDancer said...

Cheer up. Before long you'll be an expert in poo removal.