Friday, October 20, 2006

Books are dangerous

Twice now, Elijah has given himself a paper cut (or should that read cardboard cut?) from his cheap and nasty Disney board books. The first one sliced his toenail in half and the second got his index finger next to the nail. It's almost enough to make me want to throw these books out. They aren't any good for reading (they are obviously written by people with dollar signs in their eyes and no knowledge of child development) and we were only using them for Elijah to have something to hold and chew while I read him a better book. Both times he's cut himself on the book, he's been in my lap being read to. I don't want him associating books with blood!


Brooke208 said...

You know, I was just reading an article about how babies often get papercuts from tags. So before Gavyn was born I cut all the tags off of his stuffed animals and things like that.

That's horrible that he's gotten cut twice from those books! I would just put them away until he's a bit older. That way he can't get cut anymore and you won't have to throw them out.

We just have a lot of crinkle and soft books for now, and Gavyn seems to love those. We have mini ones that I let him play with while I read him the real books. He doesn't play with those because he'll just rip/eat the pages :)

QuillDancer said...

I vote for soft books, too. But hooray for reading to baby! (Sorry, the teacher in me got really excited.)

The Mumma said...

Soft/cloth books seem so hard to find here. I'm making one for Elijah at the moment and I've put it on our Christmas wish list.

I had him holding on to those books because I was reading some Dr Seuss to him and he was trying to grab the pages and put them in his mouth. Everything goes in the mouth. So that was my solution because a toy just isn't a good enough distraction when there's a book to grab at. Thinking about it, that's probably a fantastic thing! But now I have to rethink my reading-to-baby strategy.

Brooke - I'm not going to put the Disney ones away until he's older because they are terrible. They are seriously only good for chewing. And obviously they are not even good for that!

QD - I can understand your excitement, being second generation teacher!