Thursday, October 05, 2006

Breast feeding is smart feeding

A Scottish study has shown that contrary to the prevailing wisdom, . The research included looking at siblings who had been bottle-fed as compared to breast-fed.

What they did determine was that intelligent women were more likely to breast feed, which in turn means that their babies are more likely to be intelligent through their genetic stock.

The researchers emphasised that breast-feeding still rocks for any number of other reasons like nutrition, antibodies, not getting fat and lower cholesterol and blood pressure later in life. It just means that intelligence may no longer be one of them.

This research doesn't change of the breastfeeding .


Anonymous said...

That's great, but it must make the women who CAN'T breastfeed feel pretty crap hey? Can we not get rid of the breast-is-best Nazis??

Anonymous said...

CAN'T breastfeed or WON'T breastfeed?
There is a very big difference.

Stoked to know that I am an 'intelligent' woman - according to research!

Roza said...

Does it matter either way, as long as Bubs is healthy and happy (and mummy too) then whats it matter.

I dont think the owner of this site was trying to spark a debate. Just stating a fact that he & she found interesting themselves.

I thought that was interesting anyhow darling, so thanks for bringing it to light so i would come and see it.

Anonymous said...

It said intelligent people are more likely to breast feed, not necessarily that they will.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suppose so - anyway he is a cute little fellow isn't he, very happy!