Friday, October 27, 2006

The chase is on!

I left Elijah playing alone for two minutes and this is what happened:

He commando crawled all the way to the wall, in between the two sofas. He had spotted his stash of toys that I hadn't gotten out for him.


So he turned...

...and chased after me.

He got a little distracted along the way...

...but found what he was looking for (yes, that is my toe!).


Brooke208 said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable! He is so so cute! I love how he's moving all over the place like crazy now. He's getting SO big!

The Mumma said...

And yet he's still so tiny! You wouldn't believe how fast he is at commando crawling. He's very close to real crawling now too, getting up onto hands and knees or hands and feet quite often.