Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Diamonds are a boy's best friend

Elijah has become obsessed with my diamond engagement ring. He spent ten minutes yesterday commando crawling towards my hands and chasing them around the room. I thought it was just to play with my fingers, but realised that he was focussing on the ring!

Is there something in this? Maybe Elijah has expensive taste... or maybe he's just attracted to shiny things, just like his father!


QuillDancer said...

Bright sparklies! Let him covet it. Someday he will buy lovely shinies for his lady love and she will adore her mother-in-law for it!

Jenny (Lirit) said...

True story: my first word was diamond. My mom didn't have a diamond engagement ring, but my Nana - who was flying in and out of town quite a bit the year after my birth had a big, sparkly, diamond necklace that, when she realized I was in awe of it, she would dangle in front of my face to taunt me with it. She'd say diamond over and over and ask me if I could say it. Eventually, I figured it out.

So my take? Elijah's a genius. :)

Brooke208 said...

Awww that's so precious! He must have expensive taste! I don't even wear my ring because it's pretty pointy and I'm afraid I'll scratch Gavyn with it. :O