Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Elijah's Queensland Adventure part 1

Elijah's first plane ride was pretty uneventful, if you don't count the fact the he could sense something was going on while we were packing and therefore wouldn't sleep and was extraordinarily stroppy by the time we boarded the plane. While in the sling on the plane, however, he was an angel, feeding during take-off, sleeping for most of the flight, then feeding again during the descent and landing. The stewardesses were disappointed he wasn't up so they could all have cuddles!

My sister picked us up in their new 4WD (so they could fit everyone in!) and after a 20 minute battle with installing the baby car seat, we were off.

Next morning, I got up at 5:45am so I could have a shower before Elijah needed to be fed. There were plenty of people to give him a cuddle while we were all getting ready for the Christening, which made things run fairly smoothly.

Once at the church, Elijah was changed out of his nice little boy clothes and into the heirloom gown, which had been worn by his aunt and two of his cousins as well as me before him. He was so well behaved through the entire service in spite of how hot he was and how tired and hungry he was by the end of it all. He didn't object to being held by different people, including the priest, enjoyed having the water poured over his head, and was quite the gentleman while being kicked by one of the other babies (a girl) being Christened that day. He wouldn't take his hand out of his mouth for anyone, though!

Daddy and Mummy cut the cake

Afterwards there was a cake and morning tea in the church hall, but because we were trying to do our photos as quickly as possible so a very tired and hungry Bugalugs could be fed, we ended up missing out on the food!

Elijah and his Godparents

It was so lovely to have all the family there. It was the first time everyone was together since our wedding. Our family is so spread out now, with Elijah's uncle living in London, us living in Canberra and most of the rest of the family spread throughout south-east Queensland. Quite a few family friends were able to join us for the celebrations as well.

We had brunch at a nearby cafe to catch up before Daddy had to say goodbye to his little man. Elijah and I were travelling north with my parents, while he was going back to Canberra to work.

We headed back to my sister's place (without Elijah's Daddy!) to have a few hours re-packing and relaxing before my parents arrived to drive us to Bundaberg.

The car trip was fairly uneventful as well. Elijah wasn't making it to Gympie without a feed so we had to pull over on the side of the road to sate him. We stopped at Gympie to feed ourselves, and once back on the road, Elijah pretty much selpt the rest of the way. I managed to get a catnap too.

We arrived around 9pm, in time for a change into night nappy and clothes and a final feed for the Bugalugs before putting him to bed in a loaned portacot.

Both sets of Grandparents

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