Thursday, October 05, 2006

Elijah's Queensland Adventure part 2

Having woken up around 2:30am, Elijah was in bed with me the rest of the night and up at 6am. I understood the night waking since he was in an unfamiliar place and had his routine disturbed. What I wasn't expecting, however, was for him to go down for a nap at 8:30am and not wake until 11am! At least Mum and I were totally ready to leave the house. After a feed and nappy change, we went to visit my father's mother, Elijah's Great Grandma. Elijah had fun moving around on her kitchen table and cooing at someone new. At some point on this day, Elijah started to give me very passionate kissed all over my cheek and jaw. Hilarious!

Elijah meets his Great Grandma

That night, he slept right through until 8am! This was very unusual, especially considering he'd been waking at 6am sharp every morning for well over a week. Mum and Dad left us home to potter around until it was time for lunch at my aunt's place. We had a mini family reunion there, with all Mum's sisters there plus some of my cousins and their children. The lunch was partly in honour of the out of town cousins (including me) and partly for my mother's mother's upcoming 93rd birthday. Elijah got to meet his other Great Grandma and his Great Grandad at the lunch.

Great Grandma and her birthday cake

That night we went visiting again and Elijah met another of my aunts (this time on my Dad's side), who, as a former dressmaker, was very impressed with his modern cloth nappies.

We slept until 7am. We hadn't scheduled anything except washing nappies and repacking the bags for this day, but we did manage to duck out in the evening for another visit, this time to see my uncle.

The day from hell. Waking up in agony at 2am from a blocked duct, plus passing out on the floor at 6:30am (without anyone hearing cries for help - just as well Bugs was still asleep), plus general feelings of nausea all day, plus headache, plus five hour train trip with Bugs, plus nearly overbalancing while going to the Baby Change Station, plus desperately trying to change nappy at Baby Change Station on the moving train, plus trying to go to the bathroom myself, while holding wriggly baby in wrap equals hell on wheels.

I am never catching a train with no other adults and just a baby again.

I gave up on changing nappies after the first change and thought he could just sit in a wet nappy for an extra hour or two. Problem was, that he did a major poo in that nappy. And I didn't hear it, feel it, or smell it. We only found it when my sister decided to change his nappy on the back seat of her car in the train station car park. She then deferred it to me, stating that she'd changed enough pooey nappies in her time and didn't feel like changing another one. No wonder he was so wriggly and stroppy and bored for the second half of the trip. At least we both got a little sleep. I felt like death warmed up for the rest of the day and could barely eat dinner, though I was famished. Elijah, however had no problems. We co-slept that night.

Elijah woke at 6am and after a change and a feed, I managed to get him (and me) back to sleep again. The morning was fairly cruisy, just hanging with the family, playing and repacking. We went out for lunch and shopping and Elijah was very well behaved.

Of course then Elijah's afternoon feed went longer than expected and I had to rush to pack up the last few things ready for our flight back to Canberra. We were directed into the priority check-in line and were told that the flight was about to start boarding! At the gate, we did the world's fastest nappy change and I joined the (by then very short) line to be almost the last on the plane. We waved goodbye to Elijah's aunt and cousins all the way down the corridor.

A friend of a friend was sitting opposite us on the plane, so that kept me entertained during the flight. Elijah had a good feed on takeoff and a bit of a sleep but woke when I tried to stop my arm from dying! At least he didn't whinge too much and the friend even got a cuddle with him. I made him feed again on landing and we were the last off the plane again, but so happy to see Daddy!

It was a great trip (except for the train) but it was even better to be home.

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Anonymous said...

That day was even worse when a week later Elijah's Auntie who had picked them up from the train station received a beautiful picture of our car in the mail with a fine, received according to the picture, after picking up passengers from train station to return them to our home!!!