Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fattening up the boy

We went to the paediatrician for a follow up appointment regarding Elijah's slow weight gain yesterday.

The good news: Elijah is more healthy now than he was at four months of age.

The bad news: He's dropped right off the bottom of the chart with regard to his weight. He's about 400g short of the 3rd percentile for a six-month-old.

The verdict: Up the amount of solids given (in addition to breastfeeds) from one meal a day to three and work towards giving him full-fat dairy at 7 months (yoghurt and cheese). In the meantime, fry his veggies to increase his fat intake. In short, Elijah has been prescribed all the foods that adults are told not to eat. Bring on the hot chips and gravy!

The problem: After a few days of successful solid meals, Elijah seems to have gone off them. He did not like carrot and detested broccoli and now it seems that rice cereal (which he loved) is just not cutting it anymore. He is far more interested in doing backbends to see what's going on behind him than eat: even if there's nothing going on to distract him. So now I'm exhausted because it seems like I'm either breastfeeding him or trying to shovel solids into him. It's starting to become a losing battle. At least I can take heart in the fact that he is healthy, meeting all of his developmental milestones (many of them early) and generally happy. He's just so tiny.


Brooke208 said...

Have you tried the single grain Oatmeal yet? Or any fruits? Sometimes Gavyn will eat the cereal by itself like a champ, and other times I have to mix something with it. Can you mix 100% juice with his cereal? Maybe it will give it a bit of taste.

You're definitely against supplementing with formula, right?

I wish I had more ideas for you! That sounds so exhausting :( I hope things start going better for all of you!

The Mumma said...

It is exhausting. I counted the number of feeds we are doing and it's nine a day!

As we've only been going for a week, we haven't tried too many things yet - didn't want to bombard him. Have now added broccoli to his repertoire and am adding pear tomorrow. But he did eat much more today, both his cereal and his broccoli. He seems to like his food cold. I didn't warm his broccoli up today, just gave it to him straight out of the fridge and he loved it. Strange child.

And you're right: no formula for us. I can't justify the expense when boobies are free! LOL

anastasia_wolf said...

Helen, I will email you. Pleasepleaseplease don't get hung up on the numbers. I have a friend who has been through it too and I would hate to see you go through it for no good reason (as he is happy, healthy and meeting his milestones). You can take what I say or leave it, but please hear me out when I email you. *hugs*

Brooke208 said...

^ She's right. As long as he is healthy and growing and meeting his milestones that's really all that matters. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some babies are just smaller than others, just like some adults are smaller than others! I tried to convert what he weighs in pounds and I am just confused. Is he around 12 or 13 pounds then? That doesn't seem bad for being 6 months! He's just a little guy, and that's okay :) Me, on the other hand? I've got a little chunker. But that's okay too!! Good luck with everything, it will all be okay!

(Add, Gavyn seems to like his food colder too. So weird!)

The Mumma said...

You're right, Brooke, it's 12.8lbs, according to the conversion calculator I found.

The paediatrician isn't worried about his health or his development, especially considering how little I am, but he said that a lot of life-long things are determined by the first year of development and that being so far underweight according to the charts doesn't bode well. He doesn't want to get him up to the 50%ile or anything, just to be on the chart. At the moment, he is gaining an average of 70g (0.2lbs) a week.