Monday, October 09, 2006

First solids

In the hope that it might help his sleeping patterns, we started Elijah on solids on Sunday. He's only a week away from 6 months, so even though I had stood on my digs regarding the "no solids until 6 months" rule, I didn't feel bad about breaking it. Hell, it's only 6 days.

Looks like it was perfect timing, though, if these photos are anything to go by.

Elijah watches the preparation of the rice cereal with great intent.

He reaches for the food,

pulls the spoon to his mouth

and opens wide.

"This is good stuff."

"I'm messy, but I don't care, I want more!"

Still eager!


anastasia_wolf said...

OOh scary times ahead hehe. Kira was most unimpressed with solid food until about 10 months LOL. And it may help the sleeping, or it may make it worse ;). Hopefully it helps though!

The Mumma said...

My sister's three didn't really start solids until well after the 7 month mark because they just weren't interested. Elijah has been trying to grab our food for a while so we finally bit the bullet in the hope that it would help with sleep. So far, no change, but it's early days yet.

Roza said...

Aww those photos are just pricless and they really show the story too hey LOL
Good on little Eli!!
Z didnt get into them till 7 mths either, but we had to sometimes put farex in his bottle from 4.5 mths. He drank ALOT!!! **rollseyes**