Monday, November 27, 2006

Been a little quiet lately

Not sure why I haven't blogged: it's not as if nothing has happened. I guess things have just been plodding along as usual.

However, I do have some news today. Elijah pulled himself up to standing with the rail of his cot! Not sure how much of a fluke this was, but it seems as though he's advancing so much faster now than he used to. Or maybe it's just that what he's doing is more obvious.

The cutest thing, though, was that after a while of standing, his legs started to slide apart. He ended up almost going into a full side split before letting his knees bend and dropping back to kneeling. Do we have a dancer in our midst? Of course, every time I asked him if he was doing the splits, he burst out laughing.

I hope he does it again. I will have the video camera at the ready!

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