Friday, November 10, 2006

Thoughts on the No-Cry Sleep Solution

So far, I'm over half-way through reading the book (finished reading step 4) and have completed step 3, which is the 24hr sleep log. So I'm up to choosing "solutions" and then creating our plan.

Problem is, the book assumes we have a fail safe option that will eventually get the child off to sleep. We don't. The only way we can guarantee to get Elijah to sleep and stay asleep is to have him fall asleep on our shoulder, while we are sitting up. And then not move. But we cannot do this all night! The reason we need the fail safe option is that it's supposed to be the starting point and you make changes from there on. We can't start without a starting point.

Here is our sleep log for the 9th of November.

Nap Log

Time fell asleep How he fell asleep Where fell asleep Where slept How long
09:25:00 Car Car Car 15mins
11:45:00 Car Car Car 30mins
16:47:00 Rocked until dropping off, then put in cot and soothed with hands on chest until asleep Cot Cot 23mins

Attempted a resettle but failed miserably: screaming baby, frustrated mum

Prebedtime Log

Time What we did Activity Noise Light
18:00:00 Floor play/Daddy time Active Moderate Bright
19:10:00 Bath time Moderate Moderate Bright
19:25:00 Cuddles with Daddy Moderate Moderately Quiet Bright Began to get a little stroppy and squirmy towards the end
19:35:00 Feed Calm Moderately Quiet Bright
20:05:00 Asleep*. Detached bub from breast, carried to bed, tucked in, light out Calm Quiet Dim

*Usually he doesn't fall asleep feeding, so part of the routine is missing.

Night waking Log

Time How he woke us up What we did Time back to sleep How back to sleep How long since fell asleep
21:55:00 Soft Crying – on belly Soothed: Rubbed back to calm, turned onto belly, hands on chest, shh 21:56:00 With, hands on chest 1 hr 50 mins
22:00:00 Soft Crying Soothed 22:05:00 Hands on chest 4 mins
22:37:00 Soft Crying Soothed 22:41:00 Hands on chest 32 mins
23:12:00 Whinging, escalating to crying with our presence, escalating to screaming We took turns. Soothed, finger in mouth, rock, change nappy, rock 00:20:00 On Daddy's shoulder 31 mins
00:33:00 Loud Crying upon putting to bed Rock, bf in chair in his room, attempted to put to bed, brought to our bed at 1:13, bf in bed 12 mins 01:25:00 Bfing 13 mins
01:27:00 Chatting and movement Roll away and pretend to be asleep 01:40:00 Bored 2 mins
06:00:00 Movement Daddy got up for the day. I ignored Elijah - on belly again. 06:05:00 Bored 4 hrs 33 mins
06:20:00 Movement Ignore 06:25:00 Bored 15 mins
07:30:00 Movement Ignore 07:35:00 Bored 55 mins
08:00:00 Movement Ignore 08:05:00 Bored 25 mins
08:15:00 Movement Up for the day

10 mins

Number of night wakings:10
Number of hours sleep: 9.5
Longest sleep stretch:4.5 hrs
Total nap sleep: 1 hr 7 mins
Total sleep: 10 hrs 37 mins

What this log doesn't say is that I spent 20 minutes curled up at the foot of the bed with all the covers over me and fingers in ears, trying to block out the crying because I was losing the plot. Babies this age are supposed to require around 14 hrs sleep in a 24 hr period. Clearly this is not happening.

So I have now emailed Elizabeth Pantley and hope that she will give me some guidance with how to get started on the "Solution". Let's hope she replies quickly.

Oh and if you are wondering how I managed to blog this, Elijah is asleep on my shoulder and I dare not move lest he wakes.

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