Friday, December 01, 2006

Fun in the sun

We went to the Midwifery Program's Christmas party today: a picnic in the park. I've NEVER seen so many prams in the one place. There would have been nearly 100 babies there! This is Elijah's Harem of girlfriends, pictured here with their yummy mummies. Every time we get together I wonder why we don't do it more often. The bubs had a lovely time crawling over eachother and sharing toys. I discovered though, that Elijah thinks anything he can reach is fair game and should belong to him, even if it is in another baby's mouth at the time!

Elijah has never felt grass before, as we don't have a lawn, we have dead grass, weeds and dirt as a result of the drought. So this picture is his first time ever touching and crawling on grass. He was fascinated with how it felt under his hands and spent a fair amount of time just stroking it with his fingers. Then he found the twigs on the ground and was dangerously close to poking one in his eye, so that was the end of that.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Georgia teaching Elijah to "grab what you want" in payment for teaching her to commando crawl! ;p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Yes they are trouble when they are together, those two. By the way, Georgia looks like she's about to leap out of your arms in that photo!