Saturday, December 09, 2006

Projectile vomiting is not funny

Well here's one thing that doesn't cause Elijah to laugh: projectile vomiting.

I'm not sure whether it's the heat or a mild tummy bug that has caused this latest round. Actually, we haven't had much projectile action since Elijah was really little, so it was a big surprise this morning when we woke to some coughing and spluttering in our bed and awoke just in time for Elijah to projectile vomit all over the sheets, his sleeping bag and me. Nice. Into the machine they go.

At bed time, Elijah, having been fed to sleep, was nodding off in the cot, then decided to roll onto his tummy to get more comfortable. Next thing I know, he's lifted his head and projectile vomited all over the mattress. With that discomfort dealt with, he then put his head back down in the vomit and proceeded to go back to sleep. I quickly moved him and cleaned it up as best I could without changing the sheet. As it was, being moved disturbed him enough that it took ages to get him to resettle. We'll change the sheet tomorrow. I promise.

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