Monday, December 11, 2006

Scary times ahead

Not only is Elijah pulling himself up in the cot, he's now pulling himself up on furniture. Here, Elijah uses the handle on the coffee table drawer to his advantage. He didn't manage to get to standing using the coffee table because he was too distracted by the shiny handle to hold on to the top of the table! Below, Elijah finds something else to utilise: the stereo. Notice how he can climb with a toy in his hand. Also note the lovely sharp corner on the TV table. Daddy will have to do something about that! And here we are, standing! He thinks he is very clever. Look at those legs!

Now this is only half of the story. The reason the times ahead are so scary is that after I took these shots, Elijah proceeded to take a few steps to the right, to hold on to the TV table, and then cruise to the left, to get the stuff on top of the speaker next to the stereo.

I can't believe how near he is to walking. It's too freaky to contemplate! For heaven's sake, he's not even 8 months yet!


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, Its Teigan (DeStijl) from

It was too late to reply to the thread you made on the forum, but I couldnt help but notice...

Elijah has a most enviable turnout :P

If that keeps up when he starts walking, he may very well be the next Baryshnikov ;)

The Mumma said...

Yes, his Daddy now has no excuses to keep him out of ballet lessons!