Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Elijah's First Christmas Holiday: New experiences

This trip contained a few first experiences for Elijah.

On Christmas Eve, we caught a train to South Bank for a picnic lunch and caught a bus home. So now Elijah has been on the following modes of transport: car, tram, ferry, tilt-train, plane, city train and city bus. This was Elijah's first picnic, first time being transported on a train in a pram and first time on a bus!

Elijah and Daddy at Southbank on grass for a picnic lunch!

On January 8, Elijah got to jump on a trampoline at his Crazy Aunt's house! He wasn't sure about it at first.
He did seem to prefer trying to play with the springs.

But then he discovered, it was a lot of fun!

Elijah learned how to climb up stairs at Nan & Pop's house, but unfortunately, we don't have any footage of this. The stairs were terribly lit for photos and Elijah wouldn't climb for the video camera, he just posed instead!

Last, but not least, this trip marked his first real tanty. Daddy whipped out his phone and captured part of the action on December 30.

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