Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Elijah's First Christmas Holiday: Unwrapped!

We did three separate gift unwrapping sessions this Christmas, as we didn't want to take gifts for each other interstate and then bring them home again. We had enough luggage as it was!

Here, Elijah unwraps his big present from Mummy and Daddy...

...and gives it a test run.

The most fun he had was at his Nan and Pop's place. There were plenty of presents for him to open and no other distractions. Finding another present was distraction enough! Mummy had to help with quite a few.

The trail of destruction!

Cards and paper got just as much attention as presents!

At Elijah's Auntie's house, Daddy ended up unwrapping the presents. Elijah was a little overwhelmed with the amount of new people and there wasn't time for him to settle in before the present 'ceremony' began. He was, however, pretty interested in the shoes his uncle and aunt gave him, though it doesn't really show in this photo.

All up, though, Elijah did very well out of Christmas, and received a lot of things that he needed. Books were abundant and clothes with growing room also featured alongside developmentally appropriate toys.

If he could enunciate it, Elijah would thank you!

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