Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harem reunion

On Sunday, we went to a big reunion for all the members of Elijah's harem and their parents. It was difficult to get all the bubs lined up for a group photo as they were so mobile. Of course, Elijah was the first to head for the camera.

Left to right: Georgia, Asha, Isabel, Rachel, Elijah

Here are Elijah's girlfriends in action. It was good to see they could all hold their own against Elijah. He now sports a bruise on his forehead that we think came from Georgia. He deserved it!

Top row: Asha and Isabel; Bottom row: Georgia and Rachel

It was so much fun watching all the babies play together. Highlights were:
  • Watching all the babies follow Elijah's pull-along-phone like they were watching a tennis match;
  • Georgia, who had been put to sleep swaddled, on the floor of another room, waking, unwrapping herself and crawling back into the main room to get back into the action before anyone even realised she was awake;
  • Rachel getting her fingers into the Vienetta dessert;
  • Asha dancing with me and trying to play peekaboo with my skirt;
  • Isabel lapping up all the attention from the adults and ignoring Elijah, much to his disgust!
Here are some photos of them playing together.

Elijah: "Isabel, please pay attention to me!"

Georgia hamming it up for Rachel

Asha and Rachel

Isabel and Georgia attack a camera

Asha: "Come back here, Elijah and apologise for hitting!"

This was the first time all the Daddies were there together, so we commemorated the event with a group photo.

It was such a wonderful afternoon. We'd like to have another reunion again in a few months time to see how they have all changed.

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