Tuesday, February 13, 2007

10 month stats (a day early)

He's not ten months until tomorrow, but the drop in clinic near us is only open on Tuesday and Fridays, so Elijah had his 10 month weigh-in today.

Weight - 8.825kg (up 825g from last month)
Length - 73cm (up 1.5cm from last month)
We didn't do a Head Circumference measurement this time.

I'm proud to say that Elijah has caught up with regard to growth, and is now sitting just below the mean on the chart on the kellymom site, which is the one that I think most closely resembles how Elijah should be progressing (since it's the only one I've found to exclude formula fed babies from their data, who have a different pattern of growth). Even on the WHO chart, he's not far below the 50th percentile, which is 9.2kg.

Our little boy has sure grown!

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