Friday, February 02, 2007


Elijah's form of dancing is not such a new trick, as he's been doing it for a little while now, but it seems to have become a total obsession. When he's happy to see you, he dances. When he's getting his nappy changed, he dances. When he's being fed, he dances. When he hears music, he dances. When you sing to him, he dances. When he plays his toy piano, he dances. When he plays my piano, he dances. When you say the word 'dancing', he dances. Sometimes I think he gets music stuck in his head, because sometimes for no reason we can fathom, he dances!

Dancing, for Elijah, is a combination of a head/body roll and a sway from side to side. Occasionally there will picking up of feet too, but for the most part, dancing is an upper-body pursuit. He dances while standing, sitting and lying down. There is no stopping him (not that we would want to, because it is very cute) once he starts, and if you acknowledge it, then he dances even more!

The very cool thing, however, is that if there's music on while he is dancing, he will dance in time. That's my boy!


smp said...

Of course dancing for him is an upper body experience. For most men, dancing is not an activity for the waist downwards. You've seen this in action enough times to know it's true ;)

quilldancer said...

He's got rhythm! But if he wants a date he'll have to move those feet!

The Mumma said...

There is an easy fix for this issue: tap and ballet classes!