Friday, February 16, 2007

Elijah's first foray into dance classes

I started back teaching dance again last week, which is something I'd had on hold for a couple of years. I work on Monday afternoons at a school only 5 minutes drive away and what makes it even handier is that it's on Daddy's way home from work. So Elijah stays with me for the first two classes and then we do a car swap and Daddy takes him home to play, have dinner and a bath. I teach one class without him, then get home in time to breastfeed him and put him to bed.

I can't believe how well this system is working. Daddy doesn't even have to interrupt a class to take Elijah, because he gets there at a changeover of classes.

The first week was a bit touch and go. Elijah was fine on the floor, playing with his toys and looking in the mirror until the influx of 5-yr-old girls freaked him out. I had to teach with him in the ergo, which, while it wasn't difficult, did eventually take a toll on my back. I'm used to carrying him in it, but not dancing with him in it! This week, however, I carried him to the door to meet the girls as they came in, then put him back down on the floor to play and he was fine. He didn't distract the girls much at all (by next week, I'm sure the novelty of him being there will have totally worn off) and was happy to explore the room, look at himself in the huge mirror and sit in the middle of the circle with all eyes on him!

He took a liking to the rosin box though, even though I tried to surround it with my stuff. Not sure how to deal with that one.


Quilly said...

If Elijah gets into the rosin, he may soon be teaching you all a new slide.

The Mumma said...

Actually, the rosin is to facilitate not falling/sliding over in pointe shoes, so maybe putting Elijah's feet in the rosin will facilitate his walking?