Sunday, February 11, 2007

Expensive taste

Elijah discovered crackers while we were away over Christmas. The crackers he was given were very nice ones, wafer thin and easily broken - pretty much top of the range, in fact. A box of these crackers costs around $2.70. At our first grocery shopping expedition once we came home, I decided to get some crackers for Elijah. I didn't want to spend $2.70 on a box of crackers when there were generic ones for 99c. So I bought the cheap ones.

The first time Elijah was offered a cracker here, he accepted it eagerly. He held it in his hand and gummed it. He then screwed up his face and refused to eat it. He threw it on the floor.

"That's OK," I thought. "He'll get used to the different texture soon enough."

Fast forward a few weeks. Every time Elijah is offered a cracker, he tries it, then throws it on the floor. The only time he hasn't reacted this way to crackers was when we were out and about and there was an open $2 box on offer. He accepted this cracker and ate the entire thing. Then he asked for more crackers.

And still he refuses the cheap ones. My boy obviously has expensive taste.

I don't know where he gets this trait from.

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