Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The First Word

Since Thursday of last week it has become apparent that Bugs is doing more than just babble babyishly (babyishly is a real word - trust me). It is now quite clear that he is saying "Dad" and "Dada" when he sees me. The clincher for us is that he no longer says "Dada" when he sees his Mummy, only when he sees me. He's pretty clear and forceful about it, too (especially when he first sees me when I come home from work).

I'm the first word.

Way cool.

Edited 7/2 for a typo


quilldancer said...

Way cool. How's mom feel about this?

The Mumma said...

It's all cool. He says Mumma too, but we just aren't sure if he's made the connection between the word and me. Last week he called a friend of mine Mumma!

I don't need to be his first word to know he loves me: he shows me that every day!

quilldancer said...

Oh, I didn't mean the word -- I meant commandeering your blog to brag! ;)

The Mumma said...

LOL! I told him he had to blog it, since it related to him!

smp said...


I wish I had the inspiration to write on this blog more, but I'm a bit stretched thin at the moment (it's my own fault for having three blogs I guess :/).

For the record, I wasn't bragging. I'm genuinely amazed, impressed and awed that Bugs thinks I'm worthy of word status.