Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Get me away from the booby!

I really don't know what to make of this. Twice in the last week, Elijah has had breast refusal at bedtime. He's previously refused a late afternoon feed by just being so very disinterested and turning his head away. This eventually resulted in the dropping of that feed. However, this time, the refusal is more insistent, much more so, in fact.

Instead of just turning away, he is pushing against my body, preventing his mouth getting anywhere near me. He is so strong that I cannot even attempt to get him to latch. And while he is pushing away, he is screaming. A lot. I'm sure he can be heard a couple of blocks away.

He works himself up so much that I can't even hold him to calm him down, he has to go to Daddy. It's as though Mummy has suddenly become the enemy.

The first time this happened, I tried him with the other breast and he latched and then eventually fed from the one he refused as well. However, when he did this on Saturday night, he violently refused both sides and after our shared attempts to calm him and get him to feed over the course of about 20 minutes, I had to leave the room for 15 minutes, come back and try again. At least by then, he finally latched, although it looked as though he might again refuse.

Elijah has a regular bedtime routine: dinner, bath, pjs, three books, get into sleeping bag, boob, cuddles, bed; and previous to these refusals, he has never turned down a boob when offered, even though he might not be hungry and so would only suck for 10 seconds. The only other time since we got the hang of breastfeeding that he had any problems was teething related, when he latched on, but it was too painful. I hope that this recent behaviour is not indicative of self-weaning. I am not ready for this to stop just yet and I don't think it's in his best interests, either. If he self-weans at some point past 12 months, then I'll go with the flow, but until his birthday, I think it's very important that boobies are a part of his life.

But if not teeth-related, and if not self-weaning, then what could be the cause of these outbursts?


quilldancer said...

I am of no help, but I have offered a prayer that the problem reveals itself soon.

The Mumma said...

Thanks QD! There have been no refusal outbursts since, so that is a blessing.

anastasia_wolf said...

Helen I'm so sorry I haven't been reading blogs coz I've been busy! Breast refusal is very very common and not at all a sign of self-weaning (he is way too young - it is rare for bubs to self-wean before 2 years, it's usually just a refusal stage). If it happens again call the ABA or even post on Nappycino for advice (there are a lot of boobfeeders on there). I can't really help you as Kira never refused boob. But it IS normal and it ISN'T weaning, you are dead right he still needs it.