Thursday, February 08, 2007

See you later, Alligator

Evidence of Elijah's growing understanding of cultural symbolism has come to light. When Daddy leaves for work in the morning, he will now wave goodbye of his own accord. So far, goodbye waves are only reserved for Mummy and Daddy. However, he does wave hello to the baby in the mirror, which is terribly cute.

Edit 8/2/07 20:57 by smp to fix a teeny tiny typo.


Quilly said...

Waving at the baby in the mirror is cute.

anastasia_wolf said...

hehe too cute. Does he kiss the baby in the mirror too?

The Mumma said...

He kisses his reflection in the TV and has also kissed it on the foot of an airport departure lounge table! He doesn't kiss the mirror, though because it's a bit too far to reach over the bathroom vanity.