Thursday, March 29, 2007

In his own time

Since those couple of steps on the weekend, there's been no more signs of walking. Elijah obviously wants to wait until he feels that crawling and cruising just don't cut it anymore. He did this with crawling as well: kept up with the butterfly stroke (which was quite fast and efficient) until he realised that hands-and-knees crawling could get him places even faster. It was probably easier to get to things he wanted from that position as well. His cruising is so fast (he almost runs along the furniture) that I guess walking would be almost a step backwards. He cruises almost the entire perimeter of the lounge, from sofa-bed to coffee table, to entertainment unit, to bookcase, to portacot (which acts as our playpen) to toy piano and back to sofa-bed. He can get anything he wants (which is usually things he shouldn't have!).

I'm starting to think that perhaps our small spaces aren't providing enough of a physical challenge to our boy. Oh for a larger house!

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