Sunday, March 04, 2007

More book learnin'

Elijah had been antsy all during his afternoon feed with Mummy. In the end, Mummy let him get down off the chair. He stood there for a while, holding on the Ottoman before he spied some of his books that were resting there.

He pulled the books down on the floor and he quietly sat down next to them. That's exactly where he stayed for about 20 minutes, reverently picking a book up, turning each of the pages and gently placing the book down again so he could look at another one. We supplied him with some more books, including some very tactile ones which pleased him greatly.

20 minutes. This is only a 30 second snippet (taken on my phone so apologies for the quality) but it shows just how involved he was in his reading.



Quilly said...

Yay for reading! Books are awesome. But be careful. When I was 6 I toddled across town to the library all by myself because a grownup wouldn't take me!

The Mumma said...

That's ok. Where we are, in a few years there won't be any libraries anyway!!! (Stupid government!)