Friday, March 23, 2007

Night waking and sleep dressing

The other night, Elijah woke up around 1:30am - not so unusual. I woke up sweating - fairly unusual. It had been a hot day and a humid evening so I'd gone to sleep with just the sheet up. I wondered why I was so hot. Not only had I pulled the doona up, but somehow in my sleep, I had gotten my robe and put it on. No wonder I was sweating! I have no idea how or why I did this. I put it down to too many late nights.

Daddy got up to settle Elijah, but he was totally inconsolable and screaming as though he
was in pain. Nothing would sooth him, not even teething gel. Eventually he accepted a drink and calmed down a little, but he still wouldn't settle in our bed or his. Daddy got the bright idea to change his nappy and then we finally understood why he was so uncomfortable. His poor bottom was red raw! It was as though his motion was burning him. Once he was in the clean nappy, he settled back in his cot without too much trouble. Poor thing. He'll survive, though. He's a resilient bub.

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Quilly said...

Diaper rash is a nasty thing. I bet he loved that soothing salve!