Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby found in cupboard

Elijah has discovered a new hiding place.

We haven't put the shelf up yet (that's what he's sitting on) and now I wonder if maybe we should just leave this as a little hidey-hole for him. He can't shut himself in (I already checked), thank goodness. But he does like to take blocks in here and play with them. At least it keeps him from being Destructobaby.

And yes, how old school are we? That is a genuine Nintendo 64 in the alcove. No Playstations or Wiis for this family.


quilly said...

Babies and cupboards go together. By all means leave it for him until he outgrows it. When I was little there was an attic alcove at the top of the stairs. It was a little square room, maybe 4' x 4', and it was mine! None of the bigger kids could comfortably fit inside.

The Mumma said...

Do you think they like it because it reminds them of the womb?