Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feed me weird things

Elijah's latest game is feeding me random things including, but not limited to:
  • glossy catalogues
  • stuffed toys
  • wooden blocks
I'm not sure why he does it, but I do know he derives great joy in shoving odd objects in my gob, as you can see below. Every shake of the camera is because Mummy was laughing so hard she could barely even hold the camera, let alone hold it steady.

(yes, I know, great PJs and great bed hair)


quilly said...

You know, I thought he was being remarkably gentle. You still have your teeth (don't you?) and he didn't draw blood -- on camera.

smp said...

He's totally gentle when he does it. It is literally like he is feeding me. He places items instead of shoving them, and if they fall out he more often than not simply bends down, picks it up and places it back without the slightest hint of frustration.

I have no idea why he first did it, or why he continues to do it, or why he finds it funny. Frankly, the fact that he consents to let me join in his little games is more than I'm prepared to question. I just go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

He's just feeding the clown, but where is the prize!!! He's definately a right hander. This is bringing back memories, your so lucky to live in the age of videos, to record all these funny games.