Thursday, April 12, 2007

These naps are dropping like flies!

Elijah has got it into his head that he only needs one sleep a day now. Who knows how this has happened. Maybe the four-day-weekend we just had is partly to blame? We did have different sleep patterns for those four days.

Anyway, the problem with this is that he still obviously needs two naps! This morning he crashed before 9:30 and then refused to have an afternoon sleep (again!) and so was terribly cranky and overtired. This has been the pattern for almost a week, although on the long weekend, he was having a lunchtime sleep instead of a morning one.

But permanently extending his waking period until after lunch won't work. He can't last that long when he wakes at his usual time (anywhere between 5am and 7am). I tried this on Tuesday and he fell asleep while in the ergo, which is something he hasn't done in months. I'm at a complete loss with how to deal with this behaviour. I've tried all my tricks and everything else I can think of but he keeps fighting his afternoon nap.

On the upside, it doesn't take him long to fall asleep at bedtime. But I think he and I both need him to maintain his two-sleeps-a-day pattern, if only for my sanity!


quilly said...

Well, I would suggest rocking him to sleep with a real rock, but there are several drawbacks to that solution which renders it less than desirable.

I wish you luck -- and Elijah sleep.

The Mumma said...

Ok, that's one "trick" that HADN'T crossed my mind! He's too cute for that kind of rocking treatment. :-P