Friday, May 04, 2007

Another round of jabs

We had the 12-month immunisation appointment today. Even though Elijah's birthday was three weeks ago, this was the earliest I could get him in to the clinic!

He was such a trouper today. He had three separate jabs, one in each arm and one in his leg. He cried for all of 2 minutes and didn't even need booby to settle down. He was content to cuddle for another couple of minutes and then was down on the floor cruising again and flirting with all the little girl babies in the clinic.

And as for side effects, this time there were none! He had no fever, no swelling, didn't go off his food and was pretty happy for the rest of the day.

Next round of jabs is in about six months.


quilly said...

you'll have to add the word "trooper" to that poem!

The Mumma said...

Oh there were so many words to choose from! I decided to go for alliteration for the second line to help me narrow it down! :-)