Saturday, May 19, 2007

Destructobaby strikes again!

The scene of the crime

Yes, that, folks, is my beautiful, long-suffering, African Violet, Vi. Or should I say, my former beautiful African Violet, Vi, who before yesterday had survived for well over 5 years, battling through two moves, drought, flood, famine... you get the picture. Not only did Elijah pull the plant out of the pot, but he also ripped the root system off the plant in order to "plant" magnets.

How did he find magnets, you ask? The magnets belong to the mechanism that opens and shuts our blinds, which Elijah also destroyed.

We gave her some emergency surgery and hopefully she or her little babies that we are striking as backup, will get through this latest hurdle.


anastasia_wolf said...

Oh no! Um, just a thought, maybe any of Vi's babies that survive should be put where he can't reach them? LOL!!

The Mumma said...

Vi's babies are already up on the windowsill. :-) Vi would have been up there too, but she (and her pot) were too big. I don't know where to put her so he can't get at her.

quilly said...

Aren't you glad he's walking? ;)

The Mumma said...

Hahaha! No, I think he would have done this whether walking or not. He killed my cyclamens a few months ago.