Thursday, May 10, 2007

Howard Government's Budget misses the point on Breastfeeding

From the Health and Aging section of the 2007-2008 Budget:
The Government will provide $8.7 million over four years to raise awareness amongst parents and health professionals of the benefits of breastfeeding. Advice and support will be provided to mothers who may wish to breastfeed. This funding will also go towards research to understand the factors that influence the decision by mothers to breastfeed, which will inform the development of information and support to mothers, their partners, families and professionals.
Well, they've totally missed the point. I'm not sure if the Inquiry into Breastfeeding (for which I wrote a submission) has written their report yet, but nevertheless, the government has skewed this the entirely wrong way. Submission after submission stated that initiation rates for breastfeeding were very high. This means that the majority of Australian women do want to breastfeed their children. Even if the report has not been written, the statistics on initiation rates are obviously out there for the policy makers to find. The federal government should not be wasting taxpayers' money seeking to understand why women decide to breastfeed. They should be researching and implementing methods of enabling women to successfully establish breastfeeding and continue to breastfeed.

This makes me almost mad enough to write a Letter to the Editor.

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quilly said...

Skip the editor -- fire the leter off to whatever public officials are endorsing the waste of money! Or better yet, send the same letter to them ALL!