Monday, June 25, 2007

The conclusion of Mother's Day

This year's gift from Elijah to his Mummy was some boutique handmade paper, a picture frame and some paints so that everyone could make some handprints to go up on the wall.

Time and weather have conspired since then to delay the creation of the piece of art that will become Mother's Day 2007. Yesterday was yet another gorgeous Canberra winter day so we all took advantage of the weather and went outside to indulge in some hand painting fun.

After trial and error, we determined that the best way to do this was to get Bugs' handprints down first. That way we would know how much room we had to play with for our own hands. He wasn't that fond of the texture and kept squidging his fingers together, making it difficult to make a good flat handprint. We got there in the end.

Elijah's handprints

We rushed the boy inside to wash the paint off his hands before he could try and paint the world red. The kid-safe paint was easy to wash off. We then took turns in making our own mark. One person put paint all over their hand, mashed down a print and washed the paint off while the other person distracted Elijah. My handprint is green.

Everyone's handprints

Tonight, once the paint had dried, I put it in its frame. Now all we have to do is find a nice place on the wall to hang it.


Mother's Day is cool.


dave said...

mother's day may be cool but that piece of art is way cooler.

is it just me or does mum's hand look bigger than dad's?

anastasia_wolf said...

That is a great pressie Shane!!

The Mumma said...

Dave - my fingers are longer than Daddy's and not all of his palm made an impression on the paper.

Stace - I was impressed, too!

smp said...

Camera angle doesn't help either. The piece is sitting on the lounge leaning backwards and my handprint is up the top and further away from the lens.

That's my story anyway.